Photo art on canvas-best art form in photo printing arena

 by YourWovenPhotos .com

There are different art forms that are preferred by artists to communicate their emotions and ideas. Many artists take part in art exhibition to display their artistic skills and choose photography or painting as their art form to compete in the competition. Photo art is a unique art form for these canvas artists to exhibit their creative skills of delivering new generation art work and this form can easily generate revenue for their future projects.

For an individual who has passion for art can use this new art form as a decorative tool for their home and workstation, at the same time helps to exhibit his or her personality in the form of decors. The technology enhancement in the photo art printing arena had made things easier for printing companies to transform the photographs in to contemporary art work. Many photo printing companies has teamed up with best manufacturers of canvas to deliver high quality photo canvas prints to customers to have these photo art products to remain with them for a lifetime.

Now-a-days, Photo art on canvas and hand painted artwork are two options that are available in the market to be chosen by the individuals as gifting option of personalized gifts for their family and friends. Top priority is given to photo canvas art work, as the reproduction of hand painted artwork is done on paper and does not last for years, but in the case photo art on canvas the production scenario is different as these prints are made for original canvas which enables to preserve your memories for life time. So, keeping this in mind printing companies started implementing digital printing technology for transforming normal photography in to personalized masterpiece and also gives you the impression of an original oil painting.

Photo art products are not only confined as personalized gifts but also used to complement your decors at home and workstation. Wall hangings are top chosen decorative tool among home decors, as these bring life to your walls and interiors and at the same time give a feeling as a comfortable place to hang out.

So, if you want to be part of the revolutionary art work of photo canvas:

1) Choose a photo printing service provider that can deliver you with high quality photo art products using latest technology of this arena.
2) While placing an order, choose photographs that are taken from a digital camera and utilize the different options like color, size, shape and style of the service provider to have your photo art product at its best.

So, make the best out of photo canvas art work to create personalized masterpiece and to have unique gifts for any occasion. is one stop solution for different options of photo art products like photo pillow, photo blanket, photo handbags, photo purse and photo canvas art. To know more details of products visit or call: 206-914-8620.

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3 Easy Steps to Redesigning Your Child’s Room for Cheap

3 Easy Steps to Redesigning Your Child’s Room for Cheap by Terry Mickelson

Kids love to have their own special place where they can feel comfortable and secure; surrounded by their favorite things. A fun, bright kid’s room can spark creativity, heighten imagination and delight your children for years to come. But creating a fantastic space for children does not have to be a great expense for parents. By simply changing the wall color, rearranging and repurposing existing furniture and adding bright and colorful kids wall art, you can easily give your child a fresh new room at an affordable cost.

1. Add some new color…Get brave and paint! – A simple change in color can really adjust the mood and feel of a room faster than any other change. Don’t be afraid to include your child in this decision. Choose a collection of colors you would be willing to see on the wall and allow your child to make the final choice. This way you won’t be stuck with florescent pink if you don’t want to.

2. Refinish and repurpose. – Purchasing new furniture for you child’s room makeover can be very costly and may cause you to postpone this great gift to your child. Often existing furniture can be reused in the room by painting or refinishing the surface. Stripping old furniture has gotten so much easier with all the great new products out there. If it is too overwhelming a job, a little sanding and some new paint can really freshen up an old piece. Also, don’t forget to check out the thrift stores and garage sales nearby. There are great finds waiting for you!

3. Create a bright new focal point in the room. – Kids wall art is a great choice for those looking for a minor change that will create a dramatic effect. It can quickly transform a child’s room from boring, to bright and inviting. Whether you choose to create a special piece for your child, purchase kids wall art, or work on one together, make sure it reflects the fun and unique personality of your child. It should celebrate who your child is and what he or she loves best.

By simply adding new color to the room and a new focal point with kids wall art, parents can create a bright and inviting space their kid(s) will be proud of. Redecorating can be a great experience for you and your child as you spend time together doing something special for him/her. It doesn’t have to take much time or cost a lot, but it will be remembered!

Amy Abney is an artist specializing in kids wall art. With vibrant colors, engaging subjects, and a unique whimsical style, she works to capture life as children see it; a bright and exciting world that adults often forget. For over 10 years, her custom kids wall art has helped many parents create the perfect space for their children.

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Halloween Art Projects For Kids

by Scott TaylorFall is just around the corner, and with the cooler weather comes more inside time for the little ones. Naturally, they’re going to need something fun and creative to keep them busy. Help your kids prepare for Halloween by constructing these adorable craft projects! They’re easy and fun to make and the kiddos will love displaying them for the holiday.

Egg Carton Spiders

What you will need:

Cardboard egg carton
Pipe cleaners

Poster paint
Elastic thread
Something to poke small holes


Cut the egg cups out of a cardboard egg carton. Cut pipe cleaners into 3 inch sections. To make each spider, poke four pipe cleaners through each cup sideways. Bend the ends to look like eight spider legs. Paint the spiders black or in any wildly creative way you want! After the paint has dried, attach a length of elastic thread to the middle of each spider. Have fun holding your thread and bouncing your scary spider up and down as you take it for a walk!

Plastic Bag Ghost

What you’ll need:

White plastic trash bags
Black marker
Some string
Masking tape


Blow up/inflate the balloons and cover each one with a trash bag. With the string, gather and tie each bag under the balloon to make a head. Using your markers, draw a spooky face on the trash bag. Be as creative as you can-make a scary face or a funny face. Whatever you want! Attach a piece of string to the top of your ghosts and display them all around your house and yard.

Having a Halloween party, or just want something fun to adorn your table this season? These friendly spiders are easy to make and fun to look at.

Age 7 and up

This project is rated AVERAGE to do.

What You Need
Styrofoam ball, approximately 4″ in diameter
Purple acrylic paint
Sponge applicator
2 large wiggle eyes
Hot glue
9 black chenille sticks
Colorful craft gems OR purple sequins and sequin pins

Halloween Puppets

Dress each one of these fun and colorful ghosts in fancy attire and have fun pretending you are the Ghost Host!

Age 5 and up

This project is rated EASY to do.

What You Need
6 large craft sticks
1 sheet of white felt
White craft glue
12 medium wiggle eyes
Colorful craft gem circles or buttons
Glittery chenille sticks
1 sheet of black sparkly felt

What You Do
Cut out simple ghost bodies from the white felt and glue them to the craft sticks.
Use your imagination to create clothing and accessories such as skirts, vests, bow ties, and hair bows for your ghoul friends. Cut short pieces of chenille stems as crazy hair or as a rim to a top hat.

Glue clothing and accessories to the white felt. Use craft gem circles or buttons to further decorate.
Use black felt for clothing, hair and mustaches.
Glue on wiggle eyes and allow everything to lay flat and dry.

Have a ghoul party!

Helpful Hints
Use simple shapes to create clothing. Triangles make wonderful skirts, and rectangles with a triangle cut at the top finishes off the upper part of the dress. Larger triangles can be put together at the points to create bow ties and vests.
Use felt or chenille sticks for hair. If you have yarn lying around, this makes great hair as well!
Have a puppet show at home by having kids hide behind the couch and provide a show for the rest of the family.

Scott Taylor is a noted author and prolific write of many resources such as Parties & Costumes, Herbal Remedies, and Family Investing. His various websites provide information on a variety of subjects and topics. Halloween Ideas

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How To Bid For An Art Piece In An Art Auction

by Ricky Tan

Nowadays, there are many art auction houses available online such as sotheby and ebay. However, before attempting to bid for a fine art auction, there are some points you need to take note especially if you are a beginner to art auctions.

If you are new to fine art auctions, you might first decide what it is you like to collect. Is it abstract art, oil-based painting, impression art etc?

You also might want to read up on the art category that you prefer to buy. Take for example, you are into abstract art. It would help you in your art auctions if you knew more about abstract art history, the various abstract art movements. The best way to start would be on the internet. One such site is They provide comprehensive search tools for visitors to research on their favorite art category.

The other way is to browse the various art magazines, books, periodicals. You could go to your local bookstore, amazon or even the local library. Visit a few fine art auction houses and get a feel for the type of art you are interested in. Art Auction houses will usually provide detailed information on the art piece being auctioned.

How Do I Know The Art Piece I Like Is Real?

Ok, so you finally found an art piece you like. The next question you are probably asking is how do I know it is authentic? Since the value of an art piece is subjective depending on the person looking at it, it would be best if you can afford it to get a professional art appraiser to value the art piece.

For large fine art auction houses such as sotheby, you can be assured that the art piece is already appraised and is authentic. However, if you are looking for an art piece at smaller auction houses or online art auctions such as ebay, you do need to be extra careful. Particularly so for online art auctions where there are many fake art pieces being auctioned.

If you like a fine art being auctioned online, the best way if possible would be to communicate with the art seller before buying. Online art auctions usually keep a track record of the art seller’s sales history and can help you to determine whether the seller is a reputable person.

Ricky Lim runs an fine art auction info site. To know more about art auctions and early american art, visit his site

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Art Photographers at Saatchi Gallery

by saatchi gallery

Saatchi Online Art Gallery has created a partnership with Sony to sponsor the World Photography Awards. This prestigious award is open to all amateur photographers at no cost, and all entries will be judged by a prestigious judging panel which features international photographers such as Martin Parr, Mary Ellen Mark and Bruce Davidson. The winner receives a $5,000 prize and VIP treatment in Cannes at the Saatchi Online exhibit. All photographers can visit the Saatchi website to get information on this and other art competitions.

Saatchi also regularly features amateur photographers and their work on their website, and plans to feature over 100 more in conjunction with the WPA this spring. Photography is a highly stylized and recognized form of art that Saatchi seeks to promote over the next few years. A current exhibition on the interactive site is entitled “??Out of Focus: Photography Now”?? and features cutting edge photographic art by such artists as David Noonan, Zhang Peng, and Sara Vanderbeek. Saatchi also encourages by encouraging young, even school-aged, photographers to submit their photographs to the website for comment and review.

Anyone interested in photography or learning about some prominent international photographers should definitely check out Saatchi online for more information and exhibits. Exhibits change quite often so more and more photographers and their works can be featured.

Anyone interested in photography or learning about some prominent international photographers should definitely check out our Saatchi online photographers section for more information and exhibitions.

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Fun Art Projects for Kids

by Cristina LaFontaine

Bringing art into children’s lives is extremely important. Engaging in the visual arts is as important to mental health, reading comprehension, and critical thinking as playing an instrument is to math and language skills. Therefore, introducing it to children at a young age is crucial to intellectual growth. The earlier you initiate participation in the visual arts, the better the long-term results will be for the child. However, it can be challenging to inspire your child’s interest. Clearly, unless he or she is a prodigy, a 5 year old will not understand the concepts of shading, stippling, and airbrushing. You can also forget potentially dangerous tools like carving knives, scissors, clay tools (those will hurt going up the nose), and anything else that is too small, too pointy, or has a sharp edge. For now, I would recommend sticking with the Crayolas, acrylic paints, and play dough (or non-toxic clay). Unfortunately, this can limit the number of projects available, but hopefully the following ideas will give you ideas for a starting point.

” Finger Painting – this is a very basic way to acquaint children with painting. Pour several colors of non-toxic, acrylic paint into separate plastic plates and stand back. Your child can either create a very Jackson Pollock-esque painting or you can teach him to make shapes from his painted fingerprints. This fun activity is carefree and an excellent way to acquaint children with paint.

” Gingerbread Houses – this fun and festive activity combines food and art for a win-win situation. This will teach children how to build, and the decorations will help children develop a discerning eye when it comes to the space and placement of those decorations.

” Paper Bag Puppets – all you need is a couple sheets of paper and a brown paper lunch sack. Help your child cut out the arms, face, and (if applicable) tail of her favorite animal. The child can color the animal’s body parts or mix and match pieces of colored construction paper. Glue the pieces onto the bottom of the bag (the part that creates a flap), and you have created an adorable puppet. Have several children do this and then allow them to put on a puppet show. This is the perfect activity for a rainy day afternoon.

” Puppet House – an extension of the puppet-making activities (which can be done with practically anything from pipe cleaners to paper plates), the children will need a house from which they can perform puppet shows. Find a huge cardboard box, cut off one of the four sides, and cut a window into the side opposite of the one removed. You can spray paint the box a color of the children’s choosing and let them do the rest. They can paint anything they want on the box. A great idea is to spray paint the box black and let the kids paint fireworks on the sides and front. Before the paint dries, throw glitter over it for a charming, sparkling playhouse.

” Decorative Pine Cones – these are beautiful decorations for fall and winter. Have children forage for pine cones, which you can spray paint gold and silver. Allow the children to dip the pine cones into glitter colors of their choosing. These look beautiful in a big, decorative bowl and make an excellent holiday present.

These ideas are just the beginning. If you go online there are some great sites that have arts and crafts ideas, and other sites that actually sell kid’s art supplies to help you start a supply cabinet. These activities are so fun, kids will have no clue they are learning. These projects will also stimulate a long-term interest in art and give you an excuse to bond with your child.

Cristina LaFontaine is a kindergarten teacher who stresses the importance of art to her students’ parents. She advises parents to encourage development in children by creating a space specifically for art supplies that includes easels and kids art supplies.

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Your Guide to Art Shows

by arcel

An art show is the bread-and-butter of every artist’s livelihood. You can’t expect a person to lock himself, or herself, up in a room for weeks and all of a sudden generate money out of thin air for a new t-shirt. Artists need to set up art shows to publicize and hopefully sell their work.

In American English, an art show may be called an “art exhibit”, “exposition”, or “art exhibition”. In UK English, art shows are always called “art shows” or “art exhibitions”, never “exposition”, with individual art pieces in the show called an “exhibit”.

In art shows, there are art show guides. The term art show guide means two things. The first meaning refers to an art show staff responsible for showing the guests around the exhibit, explaining things here and there about the artist or details about each individual art piece.

They are similar to museum guides, you can say that.

The second one refers to any reading material about the art shows themselves, be it a guide on how to start up your own art show, or a brochure about a particular art show taking place in the area.

Aside from art shows, there are also art festivals and art festival guides. Art festivals are larger events that cater to several artists and hundreds of guest all in a single event. Art festival guides, on the other hand, they are pretty much the same in definition and purpose with art show guides.

You’ll never get lost in an art show with the proper art show guide in hand.

You can view more information at Art Show Guide.

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Discovering Adult Art Classes

by Jimmy Cox

One of the common misconceptions when it comes to adults learning art is summed up in the common assumption that an old dog can’t learn new tricks. Nothing can be farther from the truth however, especially when it comes with art.

As an important component of every person’s life, art is something that showcases the full scope of human possibilities and creativity, and should be readily available to anyone who wants access to it. If you think you need art school training beginning when you were eight years old just to be able to make beautiful and fun art projects, then here is a shocker for you.

Never Too Late

There are many established artists who have begun their venture into the world of art during adulthood. Frida Kahlo, one of the most prominent female painters in Latin America, for instance, learned how to paint only in her thirties, and today she remains one of the icons of expressivist paintings. The more important lesson behind the story, however, is that art is not only a skill but a way of life, and like other ways of life, lifestyle changes are never too late to come into the realm of adult art.

Ways To Learn

There are several ways for an adult to learn home art projects. In whatever art endeavor you choose take part in, the most important is to have the motivation to learn and the patience to practice. For beginners, one of the best ways to start with the established art learning method of going into adult art class. In many community colleges, arts and crafts courses are offered. Once inside adult art classes, it is important to try out the various media available for you to get a feel of what media works for you. One of the common setbacks with novice artists is that they forget that there are other art options available, and lack of proficiency in one media does not mean a person should give up.

Begin With Oil

When trying out various media, it is a good idea to begin with oil paintings. According to most art teachers, the benefit of beginning your art lessons with oil painting is that oil paintings allow you greater flexibility to experiment because oil paints dry at an even rate to allow you to mix colors without worrying about the paint drying up too fast, and once the oil colors sets into the canvass, the beginner artist can make corrections either with a paint knife by scraping off the unwanted paint layers, or by superimposing new layers on the work. Once you have mastered oil paintings, you can move on to other more sensitive media such as watercolors and acrylic painting.

One leads to another
The other important maxim when it comes to painting is that one medium often leads to another. Once you have learned basic techniques in oil painting, it is important to diversify your options by trying out different other methods, techniques, as well as painting media. You can try watercolors for lighter and airy images, while on the other hand you can try out gouache painting for easy to use water-based media similar to water colors but which come in much more brilliant colors.

Painting and other fun art projects need not be limited to anyone. As a way of life, all it takes to become an adult artist is the heart for it.

Learn Painting and Drawing The Way You’ve Always Wanted To For More Tips Visit

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The Beauty Of The Arts. Art Contest

Author: Dmytro Fedosyeyev

Art is the product obtained from the creativity of a person. At times a collective bunch of work or presentation delivered by an expertise could describe it best. Human creativity came out alive in the nineteenth century. Today, it has developed in such a way that many artists are being born. The beauty of the world has been brought up by arts; hence theysymbolize the creative human and environmental nature. Creativity has been greatly acknowledged and recognized due to the increase in number of artists.

The pieces of work delivered by artists have brought up a great competition due to the increase in creativity.Artists fall in different categories, an artiste maybe for example, a photographer or a sculptor or designer. In order for you to understand the beauty of human creativity, you should never fail to attend an art contest. The creativity competitions comprise of performers from all over. The whole event comprises of numerous exhibitions and galleries that provide the displays of creative thinking.

The majority of the creative thinkers are the painters. A performer may have come up with a drawing that has been properly sketched and painted. However, it may be unique in terms of how he makes an interpretation of the message. At times, the artists may have come up with a similar piece of work but interpretation is different. The interpretation of ones work also brings up a real art competition.

Such human creativity events show how human creativity is appreciated. Designers from all over the world admit that their creativity comes from a driving force from within. Most of them say that one can never be an artiste unless they possess the passion for it. Once an artiste accomplishes their work, they are usually satisfied in the product of their creativity. What makes it even better, is when a passerby makes a compliment about their work.

Article Source:

About the Author
Information on famous artists and art contests can be found in online art sites. Once you visit those sites you will get a chance to know more about art competitions, affairs and festivals. Check contest

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A Collection of Great Art Projects

People use often use art to express themselves. This need for self expression may be the trait that separates us from other animals. We usually encounter art projects from elementary school. We learn about shape, texture and color in this period. Our parents would proudly put the fruits of our efforts on the wall or go into our school to see our achievements. These creations help to develop our imagination and build our confidence when we were young. We also learn about the world around us through art in our childhood. We can also learn the value of working in a team through working together on these projects.

The sad thing is that we often leave art behind as we get older. We become the audience for the professional artists, instead of becoming artist ourselves. Art projects are usually done as public art. However, controversy often emerge when art is installed in public spaces. This is because tastes vary so much and some people resent art projects that have been funded with public money.

People’s likes and dislikes with art continue to change with generations. For instance, the abstract, concrete art projects of the 1960s have largely fallen out of favor. The sort that won’t look outdated in the future is the best public art. Once art projects are introduced to the public the whole town is stuck with them

In the last few weeks, Trafalgar Square in London was the focus of an interesting exercise. Artists were commissioned to make sculptures, which stood on temporary plinths. Everyone saw something they liked and didn’t have to live permanently with something that they despised because the exhibits kept changing.

Claes Oldenburg is one of the most prolific artists to use public space in America. Sculpting everyday objects and presenting them on a huge scale is his trademark. A giant button, a lipstick and a pair of binoculars are among his art projects. In the U.K., Anthony Gormley is famous for his public art, namely the Angel of the North. On a hill near a major road this huge structure stands with its wings outstretched as if to welcome motorists on their way into Newcastle. You can park your car and walk up to the base of the sculpture to see it up close.

About the Author:

Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning Art Projects. Visit our site for more helpful information about Christmas Art Projects and other similar topics.

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