Stunning And Elegant Stained Glass Windows

Author: Hank Waring
Last year, I bought a stunning old Victorian house that I am currently renovating. 1 with the improvements that I have made to this antique structure is installing stained glass windows in key locations. When I began researching this lovely accessory that would improve my decor, I learned that this art medium could be displayed in many approaches in my residence to add on the romantic ambiance that I was going for.

You’ll find few things far more gorgeous than natural light shining via stained glass windows, whether it is inside a chapel or in the household. I enjoy using this glorious artwork in other techniques as well. I have some pieces which have been gracing doorways and others that are brightening dark corners of my home. My favorite a single is hanging above my bathtub, offering privacy without a window covering, and adding elegance to this much employed room.

I identified several of my stained glass windows online, since there were numerous items to choose from on the sites that were readily available. Some were restored antique pieces, while other people have been recently crafted in the same Old World type on the objects of bygone days. Some of my stained glass windows can be passed down to family members as heirlooms, bringing charm and sentimentality on the pieces. Other people will remain in my current residence, adding to the value of my property when the time comes to sell.

Stained glass windows have turn out to be much more than a pretty accessory to my household; they have transformed my humble abode into a gallery of fine art. Everyone loves gazing at the color, pattern, and workmanship of these pieces, and I’ve uncovered styles to match every single decor design I could think of.

Seaside themes are quite common in stained glass windows, from ships that pass inside the night to regal lighthouses gracing a shore. I have a lovely lighthouse scene in my guest bath, which coordinates beautifully with my nautical model in this room. In my property office, I uncovered a stained glass window that sports a tranquil wood with numerous shades of green and brown.

A friend of mine has a fancy game room in his finished basement, and he has really hung some of these pieces with playing card pictures throughout. It adds a classy touch to an otherwise masculine room, and creates a nice ambiance for poker night with the guys.

Stained glass windows can boost your house no matter what your decor may be. Check on the web for your very best selection and bring a little beauty into your household!

Learn more about Board and Batten Shutters. Stop by Hank Waring’s site where you can find out all about Board Batten Shutters and what it can do for you.

Stunning And Elegant Stained Glass Windows

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Juried Fine Arts Show 11th International

Juried Fine Arts Show 11th International


Project: Submit for an online exhibition,of six different divisions. 

Open to: Artists 16 years or older.

Entry Fee: $10 fee per item (no limit of entries)

Awards: see site

Entry deadline: 10-28-2010
Notification of acceptance:  11-02-2010
Gallery open:  12-12-2010
Awards to winners: 12-15-2010
Close of exhibition:  6-12-2011

web site: Juried Fine Arts Show

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Sakuraba Gallery Online Contest

“Sakuraba Gallery Online Contest”

Project: Submit for an online exhibition,of any artwork media of drawings, paintings, printmaking, photography, sculpture, digital art, fiber art, ceramics, mixed media, jewelry, or,wearable art. 

Open to: Artists 18 years or older, world wide.

Entry Fee: $20 fee (limit of 3 entries)

Awards:   1st  $1,000  |  2nd  $ 750  |  3rd  $500  |  Merit $ 350


Entry deadline: October 25, 2010

Announcement of winners: November 1, 2010

web site: Sakuraba Gallery Online Contest

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artwork network online show

“Art with a story”

Project: Enter any artwork media. All submissions are to be digitally represented, and must include a written description (500 words max), or a two minute video, describing your “story” of the submitted work.

Open to: Artists 18 years or older, in the US, or world wide.

Entry Fee: $15 per entry (limit of 3 entries)
($10 per entry is a member of the Artwork Network)

Awards: see site 

Entry deadline: October 24, 2010
Public online voting: November 4-24, 2010
Announcement of winners: December 2, 2010

web site: Art with a story

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Halloween Strange Creatures Costume: The Twilight Vampires

Are you still clueless about what costume to wear this Halloween? Still stressing out about what Halloween strange creatures to don? Instead of looking like Halloween because of stress and costume troubles, spice up the season with Twilight characters as costumes!

To help you out of your dilemma, I’ve come up with a wise list of Halloween strange creatures from the famous Twilight series that you can rock this Halloween.

Twilight Vampires
Who says you need to go traditional about Halloween strange creatures like vampires? Since Twilight came into the picture, vampires have never been so smoldering hot. Sport the look by wearing gold or yellow contacts and those sexy incisors are a must-have if you really want to get the look right.

Edward Cullen
Put on a rock-and-roll vibe by wearing your casual jeans and t-shirt that scream the Edward Cullen style. To finish the look, match it with bronze hair color, smear a little red on your lips, and make sure that you have a glowing alabaster-like look to your skin. On the other hand, if you want to look like a blood-deprived vampire, wear coal black contacts to recreate the look.

Rosalie Hale
Shock everyone with your electrifying presence as Rosalie Hale by wearing a long straight blonde wig (or a curly one if you like). Don a light beige ruffle baby-doll top and layer it with a white lacy top. Pull the Cullen crest by copying the real thing using hard clay or by just wearing a skull necklace to get the look. Accessorize with red lipstick and big round-loop earrings to accentuate the look. Oh, and don’t forget the bright yellow contacts!

Alice Cullen
As one of Halloween strange creatures, Alice Cullen might be your short stuff, but as they always say, great things come in small packages. Be Alice Cullen by wearing a black wig with a pixie-cut styling. Since she has one of the edgiest fashion sense among the Cullens, you can never go wrong with a little black dress layered with a red cropped jacket. Wear black leather boots, choker and bangles that totally yell rockstar. To really nail the look, wear red lipstick and gold or yellow contact lenses.

Jasper Hale
This tall and lean vampire is a stunner with his disheveled honey blond hair and regal stance. Sport the look by wearing a white long-sleeve shirt, black pants and black leather shoes. Then top the look with gold contact lenses and really pale skin to get the effect. Match the outfit with confidence and attitude and you are ready to rock the house as Jasper Hale.

In this day and age, originality is the name of the game. Who says you need to be like everyone else to make Halloween memorable? All you need are the right set of confidence to rock your costume, a little creativity and a fact or two about these Twilight vampires. Through this Twilight costume tips, become Halloween strange creatures all out to have fun.

By: Joe Owens 

Article Directory: 

A Computer Engineering student and loves to travel. Reading current news in the internet is one of his past times. Taking pictures of the things around him fully satisfies him. He loves to play badminton and his favorite pets are cats. For more information and queries, you may visit Halloween Strange Creatures

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Secrets Of Colors And How They Influence The Mind

Have you ever chosen graphics or a color scheme for a website because it was your favorite color combination? For most of us color preferences drive our graphic choices, but the professionals know that is a disaster waiting to happen. Thousands, no wait, millions of dollars are paid to advertising and marketing agencies to help corporations find the perfect colors to trigger consumers to buy their products or services.

Colors cheer us up, make us docile, give hope, comfort, feelings of love, they can even motivate and make us eat when we weren’t even hungry! If you visit an online florist and view the pre-made floral selections for sympathy, romance/wedding, get well, spring, and birthday bouquets you’ll notice that different colors dominate different categories.

Even if you have nothing to sell, you probably have something to say, want to trigger an emotion in your visitors, or hope they’ll take a specific action. Whatever your web aspirations the follow guide will show you the colors that can take you there.

Do you have a blue power suit, blue chip stocks, or true blue friend? Blue has many meanings. First, it has calming and comforting (clear blue sky and clean blue water). Companies who want to portray soothing, calming, or peaceful feelings (Dove, baby products, spas) often use this color. Blue also represents trustworthiness, dependability and quality. It is the primary corporate color. Can you think of a Fortune 500 company that doesn’t have blue in the logo? Blue is also a chilly, cool color that represents winter and snow.

When your red, yellow or orange web site is too much, add a bit of blue to cool it down. Yet another use for blue is for diet and fitness items because the color blue is an appetite suppressant. When you look at blue do you feel hungry? Blue works best when used with other shades of blue. Don’t overdo it though, too much of this shade can actually give you the blues.

Another color we see in nature is green and like blue it is a calming and peaceful color and reminds us of plush green grass, trees, and plants. Of all the colors green is actually the easiest on the eyes (which is why we like to look at money.) Use this color on your web site if you want to promote environmental issues, or insinuate growth either in the garden or profit sense. Use green with beige or brown to promote organic products.

Consider using green as a secondary color or it loses it peaceful affect. Green isn’t all environmental and business, it can be punchy and spunky when combined with bright orange or yellow.

Purple, and its many shades, is perhaps the upper class of colors and represents wisdom, sympathy, honor, and royalty. The Purple Heart medal is the oldest military medal still issued and was created by George Washington. It is also perceived as the color of royalty. Keep in mind that shades that are too gray or light don’t carry the same weight.

Yellow can be sunny, fruity and cautious. The most visible color combination is black lettering on a yellow background (think cabs), so if you really want something to pop, or are creating a site for the elderly, consider this combination. Yellow can represent freshness, sunny, joy, happiness, warmth, but too much can be blinding, so use caution when using yellow. Since it is bright, works well as an accent, complementary color, or to highlight an important point. “Buy Now”, “Click Here”, or “Free” graphics stand out with yellow.

Orange is a color that gets people psyched! It actually stimulates mental activity and creativity and screams pay attention (construction signs), energy (oranges), and power (Daffy Duck-just kidding.) For all of the above reasons you will often see orange in ads and websites promoting children’s products, or art-related items. It is also a social and feel good color (changing Fall leaves, pumpkin pie, Halloween.) You often see orange coupled with blue which represents power and dependability.

Red is a tense color that elicits strong emotions such as passion, anger, spicy, heat, and danger. These strong emotions can trigger hunger which is why you normally see red used in food product advertising. Red is also the color of rage and anger so be careful how often you use it. Like yellow, it is a good choice for “Buy Now” graphics.
Pink is the color of fondness, appreciation, sympathy, and love.

While red is more serious pink is playful, delicate and feminine. Used along with black, gray or silver pink becomes a sophisticated color. If you use pink with light yellow and blue, you have a delicate combination often used to advertise baby products.

Black is considered elegant, formal (black-tie affair), modern, but also retro, upper class, mysterious and serious.
White is mostly used in graphics as a neutral background, but it also represents, cleanliness, tranquility and innocence. White letters on dark backgrounds stand out better than dark letters on a white background.

In fact, a design secret for billboard advertising is to use white letters on dark backgrounds because the signs are more effective. They are noticed and easily readable. Next time there is an election, pay attention to the candidate’s names and you’ll notice they are following this rule.

Gray represents reliability, neutral, and stability, but it can also be boring unless paired with other colors. It is great for office-related websites that promote high productivity. Play around with this color in your graphics.

Light shades may be substituted for white, or perhaps a dark slate gray is a better option for your image than black. Gray paired with one other color such as pink or lavender can have an upscale feel.

Brown can do a lot for you. If used right, brown is an elegant and decadent color that triggers hunger. It is also dependable (think wood and UPS), and comforting. Copper and bronze are being used more frequently for beauty and spa products. These colors denote a “tan” which people relate to health and beauty. Of course right now, brown paired with sky blue is a very sophisticated combination.

Patriotic Colors
Red, white and blue used together are, for obvious reasons, a patriotic combination that triggers thoughts of politics, policy and patriotism. Whether you want to use the colors of the American, Italian, or other country’s flag, be sure to use them in the same order. If not, you’re using another country’s colors which may not go along with your theme.

By: Robert Gillen 

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Author: Robert Gillen Founder of was not only one of the first companies to offer a royalty-free graphics download service, but are also one of the LARGEST providers of original clip art images, web graphics and animations in the World. View their Vector Clip Art Images.

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The Evolution Of Face Painting

When we hear the term “face painting”, what usually comes to mind are colorful designs done on a child’s face. But when we look back at the history of face painting, we find that it actually has a deeper meaning than that. Way back in prehistoric times, face painting has already been used by many cultures for different reasons. Some tribes use it for hunting, others during war, and some cultures use face painting for religious reasons. Face painting has a rich history that goes back to hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

Let us go back to where it all began.

In the ancient times, warriors used face paint both in battle and in hunting as a way to camouflage themselves. Hunters would color their skin so that they could blend in with their surroundings making it less likely for animals to spot them. Face paint was also used during battle so that warriors could creep stealthily upon their opponents without getting noticed.

Face painting was also done for religious reasons. According to history, Native American tribes believed that particular colors had certain meanings and could be a way to connect to their gods. In Spiritual ceremonies, face painting was also employed because they believed this gave the celebration more meaning.

In Ancient Greece, on the other hand, face painting was used more for entertainment; particularly to color the faces of clowns or jesters. Clowns were a huge source of entertainment during the Greek era. They were known as playful and frivolous individuals whose main objective was to amuse the people. During this time, the royalty had personal jesters at their beck and call to entertain them. Clowns and jesters usually used make-up and colorful costumes during presentations. In Japan, geishas also made the white mask popular. During presentations, special ceremonies or parties they would paint their faces white, line their eyes with kohl and paint their lips red. The result was a mask-like appearance. This to them was a mark of beauty.

Today, people do face painting for hundreds of other reasons. But whether it is for sports, for Halloween or just to make a statement, face painting will always remain an art that will continue on.

By: Cindy Lee 

Article Directory: 

Cindy Lee is an avid face painter and enthusiast. Her website provides free resources, tips and advice on how to learn face painting easily and quickly. You can learn more about Face Painting at

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A call for art project.

Deadline is due on September 23, 2010.

Refer to link for more information.

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Do you adoration the arts? Are you course to Charlotte? Well you powerfulness not recognize it art b

 by papa

African art masks are handmade by the best crafts worker in the locality. It is an influential embellishment as terribly family art friction masks during the year as they take part in the insular carousing. Each African art mask is exceptional and art singular. African art masks are made up of many kinds of significant like gold-leaf, stone, bay, copper, statue, tin mud art and plumage. They may have a recent or trendy outlook or may be of an antediluvian sort.The African art masks art are commonly actual rich and use various patterns as honor. African art masks may have different looks and may depict art different emotions. Some may look ragingAntonym, some celebratory and others may have a sober, sober look. Some African art masks art are a part of a costume for partying.Each African art mask has a given occasion. Some are finished to passion art away emotional state, while some are rummage-sale in plays to illustrate comic features. African art masks are and hand-me-down in ceremonies art and religious functions. They are similarly expended in fixed dances.Masks are normally made of coppice, as it is easily available art and reasonable. Many African art masks are depleted to concealment the air or the brain. Some are jumble-sale as a art shock clothing and are involved to the top of the supervisor.Today, we as well see African art masks in the form art of decorations. Many African art masks are becoming a part of modern home d?cor. People use the early designed African art Art masks to adorn their homes. These original decorative fragments are available in antique shops and realize a wholesome charge.Thus, art the African Art masks are not one secret to the familial land of Africa alone, but are now seen in art modern homes at the moment.African Art provides thorough knowledge on African Art, African Tribal Art, African Wildlife Art, African American Art and art extra. African Art is affiliated with Abstract Art Paintings. Clip art is demarcated as prepackaged sketch, obtainable on graphics or desktop printing software, for use in art forms produced on computer. It is a sheet of drawn art that makes use of imaginings.The pictures art in clip art are either artificial or substantially cut from surviving employment on a fastidious subject. The art foremost sources of these pictures are books specifically in print for such use. Whether invitations or recognize you art notes, clip art is the ideal member of audio-concrete art for all photogravure needs. Logos, mascots, professional art cards, invitations and letterheads can be made by cutting or copying clip art pictures.Clip art is a art up-to-date contribution to sugar showers?a montage of hallucination that lend natural announcements a delicate little. Baby shower art clip art helps to design good honey shower cards that are a filmic slap-up meal. Websites apparently have art an boundless fund of newborn young lady or boy clip art as well as love shower clip art art dream.Baby shower clip art is in general funny and endearing. Some of the popular clip art descriptions indication art babies with bottles, diapers, animals, blankets, and siblings. So, a baby clip art on the lover shower art incitement membership card would be an apt surcharge. Baby shower clip art is on hand in a array of art themes. One can use original endowment to generate high-quality clip art on the encouragement card. Design tips art to be had on the Internet stretch child shower invitation cards an exclusive flavor. Color, size, and layout must art furthermore be considered once choosing the clip art for a tot shower invite. Baby shower clip art art should always compliment a darling shower express thanks you postcard.A kid shower is a special incident for the art perfect intimate, and a personally designed summons valentine can kind the experience striking. Clip art can relief art to make a special and unforgettable design.Baby Showers provides comprehensive information on Baby Shower Cakes, Baby Shower art Decorations, Baby Shower Favors, Baby Shower Games and further. Baby Showers is affiliated with Free Baby Shower art Invitations.

The author is a very famous writer around the art industry. For more information please visit Art Cars and Exotic Arts.

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A Preschool Art Project is a Way Of Self-Expression for Children

 by Eddie Lamb

Most parents think the world of their children. It is normal for parents to think this way, and it is totally okay because children love the unconditional praise and appreciation from their parents. However, this praise and appreciation may turn into unrealistic expectations from their parents.

What do Preschool Art Projects Really Mean?

First and foremost, parents should understand the importance and meaning of preschool art projects. These are definitely not yard-stick measurements of their child’s ability and talent. These are also not something than has to be interpreted in terms of psychology; it is not something to fear when it is totally different from what adults perceive. Preschool art projects are simply a means of expression for children, nothing less, nothing more.

Hence, it is not expected that the children draw like Picasso, and not expected that they apply what they see in their lives to their pictures. They have another way of seeing things, perceiving things, interpreting things – and this is what they will re-create in their preschool art projects. There is nothing to read between the lines here, unless the child is going through a traumatic time, when they might use this medium to express their frustration.

Normally, children love creating, and that is what they do when preschool art projects are assigned to them – they create. Creativity cannot be measured at this time with adult yard-sticks. While we are on the subject, how many adults (if asked to do so impromptu) could draw something really nice? A good majority would not be able to draw anything worth mentioning, and this proves the above point.

Does this mean that these adults cannot be successful in their career? Does this mean that they are not complete human beings? Does this mean that they have some frustrations hidden, waiting to come out? As you read these questions you realize how ridiculous they sound.

It is exactly the same with the preschool art projects for children. Parents should not be worried about the way they express themselves. Other than whether it gives them joy or not, there is no other criteria to measure the benefit and meaning of these projects.

The best part with these preschool art projects is that it makes the kids proud of themselves. Children usually love to create things and the ensuing appreciation from their elders. Hence, next time your child comes running to show you a scrawled drawing where he/she says it portrays you or their favorite friend, do not try to read beyond what it is – a simple way to ask for your approval and appreciation.

Eddie Lamb publishes an abundance of information on a range of topical subjects. This article A Preschool Art Project is a Way Of Self-Expression for Children, is just one of a host of useful articles about Preschooling listed on our site map at Preschooling.

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