National Art Museum – a fascinating experience

Located on Wusi Street in Beijing, The National Art Museum of China was founded as an effort to collect, exhibit and research contemporary works of art that are of considerable significance and artistic value. The main building itself is a picturesque site that commands the attention of visitors to this popular tourist attraction. After its official reopening on the 23rd of July 2003, the National Art Museum of China was rejuvenated with better facilities which in turn made it a modern museum that meets international standards. This event was a result of the Great Ten Constructions that took place in the country to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Housing more than 100,000 artistic masterpieces, the museum covers more than 18,000 square metres of land and consists of 17 exhibition halls in total. Some of the magnificent works of art on show here belong to the Qing and Ming Dynasties which gives them much greater value. While paintings from popular local talents such as Wu Changshuo, Ren Bonian, Qi Biashi and Huang Binhong can also be seen here most other exhibits are ones which managed to win various art competitions and those that hold cultural value. A significant number of local artists and collectors have donated many valuable collections to this museum adding to the already large amount of exhibits housed within these walls.

A large collection of contemporary art is also on show at the National Art Museum which is a testament to the abundance of talent in the country. A few hundred artistic works from the western world are also found here, making the art collection of this unique museum a complete one.

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