3 Easy Steps to Redesigning Your Child’s Room for Cheap

3 Easy Steps to Redesigning Your Child’s Room for Cheap by Terry Mickelson

Kids love to have their own special place where they can feel comfortable and secure; surrounded by their favorite things. A fun, bright kid’s room can spark creativity, heighten imagination and delight your children for years to come. But creating a fantastic space for children does not have to be a great expense for parents. By simply changing the wall color, rearranging and repurposing existing furniture and adding bright and colorful kids wall art, you can easily give your child a fresh new room at an affordable cost.

1. Add some new color…Get brave and paint! – A simple change in color can really adjust the mood and feel of a room faster than any other change. Don’t be afraid to include your child in this decision. Choose a collection of colors you would be willing to see on the wall and allow your child to make the final choice. This way you won’t be stuck with florescent pink if you don’t want to.

2. Refinish and repurpose. – Purchasing new furniture for you child’s room makeover can be very costly and may cause you to postpone this great gift to your child. Often existing furniture can be reused in the room by painting or refinishing the surface. Stripping old furniture has gotten so much easier with all the great new products out there. If it is too overwhelming a job, a little sanding and some new paint can really freshen up an old piece. Also, don’t forget to check out the thrift stores and garage sales nearby. There are great finds waiting for you!

3. Create a bright new focal point in the room. – Kids wall art is a great choice for those looking for a minor change that will create a dramatic effect. It can quickly transform a child’s room from boring, to bright and inviting. Whether you choose to create a special piece for your child, purchase kids wall art, or work on one together, make sure it reflects the fun and unique personality of your child. It should celebrate who your child is and what he or she loves best.

By simply adding new color to the room and a new focal point with kids wall art, parents can create a bright and inviting space their kid(s) will be proud of. Redecorating can be a great experience for you and your child as you spend time together doing something special for him/her. It doesn’t have to take much time or cost a lot, but it will be remembered!

Amy Abney is an artist specializing in kids wall art. With vibrant colors, engaging subjects, and a unique whimsical style, she works to capture life as children see it; a bright and exciting world that adults often forget. For over 10 years, her custom kids wall art has helped many parents create the perfect space for their children.

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