Stunning And Elegant Stained Glass Windows

Author: Hank Waring
Last year, I bought a stunning old Victorian house that I am currently renovating. 1 with the improvements that I have made to this antique structure is installing stained glass windows in key locations. When I began researching this lovely accessory that would improve my decor, I learned that this art medium could be displayed in many approaches in my residence to add on the romantic ambiance that I was going for.

You’ll find few things far more gorgeous than natural light shining via stained glass windows, whether it is inside a chapel or in the household. I enjoy using this glorious artwork in other techniques as well. I have some pieces which have been gracing doorways and others that are brightening dark corners of my home. My favorite a single is hanging above my bathtub, offering privacy without a window covering, and adding elegance to this much employed room.

I identified several of my stained glass windows online, since there were numerous items to choose from on the sites that were readily available. Some were restored antique pieces, while other people have been recently crafted in the same Old World type on the objects of bygone days. Some of my stained glass windows can be passed down to family members as heirlooms, bringing charm and sentimentality on the pieces. Other people will remain in my current residence, adding to the value of my property when the time comes to sell.

Stained glass windows have turn out to be much more than a pretty accessory to my household; they have transformed my humble abode into a gallery of fine art. Everyone loves gazing at the color, pattern, and workmanship of these pieces, and I’ve uncovered styles to match every single decor design I could think of.

Seaside themes are quite common in stained glass windows, from ships that pass inside the night to regal lighthouses gracing a shore. I have a lovely lighthouse scene in my guest bath, which coordinates beautifully with my nautical model in this room. In my property office, I uncovered a stained glass window that sports a tranquil wood with numerous shades of green and brown.

A friend of mine has a fancy game room in his finished basement, and he has really hung some of these pieces with playing card pictures throughout. It adds a classy touch to an otherwise masculine room, and creates a nice ambiance for poker night with the guys.

Stained glass windows can boost your house no matter what your decor may be. Check on the web for your very best selection and bring a little beauty into your household!

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Stunning And Elegant Stained Glass Windows

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