Your Guide to Art Shows

by arcel

An art show is the bread-and-butter of every artist’s livelihood. You can’t expect a person to lock himself, or herself, up in a room for weeks and all of a sudden generate money out of thin air for a new t-shirt. Artists need to set up art shows to publicize and hopefully sell their work.

In American English, an art show may be called an “art exhibit”, “exposition”, or “art exhibition”. In UK English, art shows are always called “art shows” or “art exhibitions”, never “exposition”, with individual art pieces in the show called an “exhibit”.

In art shows, there are art show guides. The term art show guide means two things. The first meaning refers to an art show staff responsible for showing the guests around the exhibit, explaining things here and there about the artist or details about each individual art piece.

They are similar to museum guides, you can say that.

The second one refers to any reading material about the art shows themselves, be it a guide on how to start up your own art show, or a brochure about a particular art show taking place in the area.

Aside from art shows, there are also art festivals and art festival guides. Art festivals are larger events that cater to several artists and hundreds of guest all in a single event. Art festival guides, on the other hand, they are pretty much the same in definition and purpose with art show guides.

You’ll never get lost in an art show with the proper art show guide in hand.

You can view more information at Art Show Guide.

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