Kids’ Holiday Art Project

By Anthony Vecchioni

The holidays can be a stressful time for parents, and that can mean spending less time with your kids. A simple way to restore some old fashion fun to the season is to get out the art supplies and do a holiday art project together. The activity can be as simple as representing meaningful people, symbols, or even colors that correspond to your holiday season.

Here’s a fun holiday art project that’s easy to do and looks great around the house.

What You’ll Need:

-8.5″ x 11″ green construction paper

-white and red tempera or kids’ washable paint

-a plastic bin

-2 marbles

– glue (that dries clear)

– silver glitter

What to Do:

Step 1. Use green construction paper to cut out a simple Christmas tree. (Hint: fold a sheet of paper in half to cut out your first Christmas tree the easy way. Now use that first tree as a template: place template over green construction paper. Trace the outline. Now cut out the outline. Repeat for additional trees.)

Step 2. Now place the cut-out in a plastic bin. Add a thin line of red tempera paint in the bin (but not on the cut-out). Place two marbles in the bin. Now let your child tilt the bin back and forth. This will cause the marbles to roll through the paint and make decorative lines over the Christmas tree. (If you do not have paint use colored markers instead. Skip to step 8.)

Step 3. If you are making more than one Christmas tree, add more paint and repeat Step 2.

Step 4. Wipe out the bin. Allow paint to dry–approximately thirty minutes.

Step 5. Put Now put your Christmas tree cut-out back into the bin. Add a line of white paint. Add two clean marbles. Again let your child tilt the bin back and forth so that the marbles roll through the paint and over the cut-out.

Step 6. If you are making more than one Christmas tree, add more paint and repeat Step 5.

Step 7. Wipe out the bin. Allow paint to dry–approximately thirty minutes.

Step 8. Put your Christmas tree on a sheet of newspaper. Open bottle of glue. Tilt it upside down and use the tip like a pencil. Help your child make sweeping lines back and forth. Now, allow your child to sprinkle silver glitter onto the Christmas tree. Do not shake off excess glitter until glue has dried (approximately 30 minutes). Make sure your Christmas trees are not sticking to the newspaper.

Step 9. Help your child cut small triangles out of any colored paper (when cutting small shapes, triangles are much easier to cut than circles). Glue the triangles onto your trees for further decoration.

Step 10. Use string and a bit of tape on the back of the Christmas trees to hang them around the house.

This holiday art project can be repeated with circle cut outs to make ornaments for around the house. Simply add a small square to the top of your circle to simulate the look of an actual ornament.

Whether you’re making Christmas trees or ornaments, be sure to display art works around the house so your child gains a sense of accomplishment. It can be very rewarding when a guest or relative says, ‘Who made this lovely Christmas tree decoration?’ And lastly, don’t forget that your child will gain an even stronger sense of reward by giving holiday art as a gift to family and loved ones. Enjoy!

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