A Preschool Art Project is a Way Of Self-Expression for Children

 by Eddie Lamb

Most parents think the world of their children. It is normal for parents to think this way, and it is totally okay because children love the unconditional praise and appreciation from their parents. However, this praise and appreciation may turn into unrealistic expectations from their parents.

What do Preschool Art Projects Really Mean?

First and foremost, parents should understand the importance and meaning of preschool art projects. These are definitely not yard-stick measurements of their child’s ability and talent. These are also not something than has to be interpreted in terms of psychology; it is not something to fear when it is totally different from what adults perceive. Preschool art projects are simply a means of expression for children, nothing less, nothing more.

Hence, it is not expected that the children draw like Picasso, and not expected that they apply what they see in their lives to their pictures. They have another way of seeing things, perceiving things, interpreting things – and this is what they will re-create in their preschool art projects. There is nothing to read between the lines here, unless the child is going through a traumatic time, when they might use this medium to express their frustration.

Normally, children love creating, and that is what they do when preschool art projects are assigned to them – they create. Creativity cannot be measured at this time with adult yard-sticks. While we are on the subject, how many adults (if asked to do so impromptu) could draw something really nice? A good majority would not be able to draw anything worth mentioning, and this proves the above point.

Does this mean that these adults cannot be successful in their career? Does this mean that they are not complete human beings? Does this mean that they have some frustrations hidden, waiting to come out? As you read these questions you realize how ridiculous they sound.

It is exactly the same with the preschool art projects for children. Parents should not be worried about the way they express themselves. Other than whether it gives them joy or not, there is no other criteria to measure the benefit and meaning of these projects.

The best part with these preschool art projects is that it makes the kids proud of themselves. Children usually love to create things and the ensuing appreciation from their elders. Hence, next time your child comes running to show you a scrawled drawing where he/she says it portrays you or their favorite friend, do not try to read beyond what it is – a simple way to ask for your approval and appreciation.

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