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People use often use art to express themselves. This need for self expression may be the trait that separates us from other animals. We usually encounter art projects from elementary school. We learn about shape, texture and color in this period. Our parents would proudly put the fruits of our efforts on the wall or go into our school to see our achievements. These creations help to develop our imagination and build our confidence when we were young. We also learn about the world around us through art in our childhood. We can also learn the value of working in a team through working together on these projects.

The sad thing is that we often leave art behind as we get older. We become the audience for the professional artists, instead of becoming artist ourselves. Art projects are usually done as public art. However, controversy often emerge when art is installed in public spaces. This is because tastes vary so much and some people resent art projects that have been funded with public money.

People’s likes and dislikes with art continue to change with generations. For instance, the abstract, concrete art projects of the 1960s have largely fallen out of favor. The sort that won’t look outdated in the future is the best public art. Once art projects are introduced to the public the whole town is stuck with them

In the last few weeks, Trafalgar Square in London was the focus of an interesting exercise. Artists were commissioned to make sculptures, which stood on temporary plinths. Everyone saw something they liked and didn’t have to live permanently with something that they despised because the exhibits kept changing.

Claes Oldenburg is one of the most prolific artists to use public space in America. Sculpting everyday objects and presenting them on a huge scale is his trademark. A giant button, a lipstick and a pair of binoculars are among his art projects. In the U.K., Anthony Gormley is famous for his public art, namely the Angel of the North. On a hill near a major road this huge structure stands with its wings outstretched as if to welcome motorists on their way into Newcastle. You can park your car and walk up to the base of the sculpture to see it up close.

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